Business Accounting Services

We are a professional accounting firm that offers a range of services to businesses, including bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services. We provide these services in order to help businesses run more efficiently and effectively, and to help ensure that they are in compliance with all relevant financial regulations. The firm is staffed by dedicated and experienced CPAs, who are available to provide guidance and support to businesses as needed.

Business Structure & Entity Consulting

When starting a new company, selecting the appropriate business structure is a crucial initial step. MK CPA Firm P.C. can assist you in this process, from creating a business plan to developing a tax strategy that will beneift your business. We will help you establish your business on solid fotting, positioning it for success. 

Individual And Business Tax Preparation Services

Tax preparation is a vital aspect for any individual or organization. At MK CPA Firm P.C., our team has the expertise to help you minimize your taxes and increase your profits. We adhere to rigorous ethical professional standards to ensure that your taxes are accurate and copmliant. We take responsiblity for our work and are ready to defend any documents we prepare if necessary.

Tax Planning For Individuals And Small Businesses

Determining a tax strategy that maximizes benefits while staying compliant can be a delicate balance. A reputable CPA professional can assist you in navigating the various credits, deductions, and regulations of the tax code to formulate a strategy that benefits you and your business while avoiding any costly errors.

Financial Planning & Individual Wealth Consultation

Your financial well-being is influenced by more than just market fluctuations. Our firm will collaborate with you to devise an all-includsive plan to achieve your financial objectives. As a client of MK CPA Firm P.C., you can have peace of mind knowing that we are dedicated to providing you with tailored advice to help you reach your goasl, no matter what challenges you may face in life.

IRS Tax Representation

Our skilled team has a track record of successfully handling all types of IRS issues, including liens, levies, audits, passport revocations, payroll taxes, and more. We have the knoledge and experience to effectively resolve any IRS-related issues you may be facing. The outcome of these situations can often have long-term consequences and it's important to get it right the first time. If you have received a notice from the IRS or are currently invovlved in a tax dispute, contact us immediatly. Our team is ready to assist you.